Novel Separation Techniques in Chemistry

     The process of separation is integral unit operation in most of the modern pharmaceutical techniques, chemical and other process plants.    Among the separation processes, some are standard and conventional processes, like, distillationabsorption, adsorption, etc. These processes are quite common and the relevant technologies are well developed and well-studied. On the other hand, newer separation processes, like, membrane based techniques, super critical fluid extraction, chromatographic separation, etc., are gaining importance in modern days plants as novel separation processes.

·         Basic Separation Techniques in Biochemistry

·         Development of innovative gas separation techniques

·         External field induced membrane separation processes

·         Supercritical fluid extraction

·         Chiral Separation Techniques

·         Extraction – Leaching, Liquid – Liquid extraction and Solid phase extraction

·         Cloud point extraction and mi cellar enhanced separation

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