Membrane technology in separation process

Membrane technologies are progressively fetching useful components of pharmaceutical production processes. For some time, membrane separation technologies of reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration have been used to concentrate and purify both small and large molecules. More recent applications of membrane technologies cover a broad range of separation, concentration and purification needs. For example, pharmaceutical waste streams can be treated by Nano-filtration or evaporation to detoxify them and/or reduce the volume of waste requiring incineration.

·              Inorganic membrane gas separation

·              Membrane technology and industrial separation techniques

·              Separation and purification membrane based processes in see water and waste water treatment

·              Membrane separation technology in food industry

·              Techniques for membrane preparation and characterization in separation processes

·              Processes of membrane separation and purification of bio-derived sources

·              Membrane separation technology in petrochemical industry

·              Hydrogen separation and purification processes via membrane reactors technology

·              Separation processes through polymeric and hybrid membranes

·              Modelling of separation and purification membrane processes

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